Monday, February 24, 2014

Some quotes to ponder

We've finally caught up with the cools kids around the country, to excuse my pun. We have snow here! For For being in the northwest corner of the contiguous US, our little city doesn't get much snow. In fact, this is the first snow our almost 2-year-old (can I still call him a puppy?) Kincade has ever seen. He loves it. He spent the whole day yesterday romping. With his tail wagging and ridge in his back fully in view (he is a partial Ridge-back, after all), he was perfectly willing to dive in piles and didn't even mind when Beve threw shovels-full at him.  My hyper-Beve shoveled our back deck 5 times yesterday as the snow kept falling. Do you call that an exercise in futility? I shouldn't say. Really. He wanted to keep it cleared so the dogs tracked less snow in. However, I think his real motive was simply to get out of the house, exercise and throw snow on the dogs. Of course, because we do live where we do, by last night, with a foot on the ground, it warmed up and began raining. So much for our fluffy winter wonderland. Today it's still deep, but a soggy mess. More rain continues to fall. The dogs are less interested. So is their master. We're all sitting inside, Beve working from home, the dogs content that he's here...I am, too, now that you mention it. We don't get snow days very often.

The dogs were a bit like toddlers yesterday, only without the hassle of snow clothes. But also having to towel them off every time they came in. I guess that's a trade-off.

So much for my weather report.

Some quotes I've been chewing on recently. No commentary, just the quotes:

"Holiness is the most attractive quality, the intense experience we ever get out of sheer life--authentic, first-hand living, not life looked at and enjoyed from a distance. We find ourselves in on the operations of God himself, not talking about them or reading about them. But at the very moment we find ourselves in on more than ourselves, we realize we also might very well lose ourselves. We can't domesticate the Holy...Holiness is a furnace that transforms the men and women who get too close to it. Holy is not Christian needlepoint--it is the banner of a revolution, the revolution."      Eugene H. Peterson, Subversive Spirituality, 73.

Law, in his terrible, cool voice, said, "...If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make, in the end, no difference what you have chosen instead."
...What God does for us, He does in us...Our morning prayer should be that in the Imitation [of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis]: da hodie perfecte incipere--grant me to make an unflawed beginning today, for I have done nothing yet."                               C S Lewis, "A Slip of the Tongue" (an essay)

"We humans are all fundamentally the same. We all belong to a common, broken humanity. We all have wounded, vulnerable hearts. Each of us needs to feel appreciated and understood; we all need help."
     Jean Vanier, Becoming Human, 37.

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