Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is the moment

Whatever you are doing, 
whatever you are thinking, 
just stop.
And look.
What do you see?
This one moment? This singular, ordinary moment?
What do you hear this most mundane of instances?
The clatter of keyboards, 
the faces of children, 
the dirt of fields, 
the cacophony of traffic,
the blue sky against green evergreens.
THIS is the day, 
THIS is the moment the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad.
Right now.
Yes, exactly now.
This is what we have. 
This is where He meets us.
Whether we pay attention or not,
He is here.
In a child's face.
In a colleague.
In the honk of a car.
All interruptions are His way of getting our attention.
All silences are Him waiting for us to be still enough to
wait for Him.
There's more than meets the eye in this moment.
Win or lose, 
Rise or fall, 
Succeed or fail, 
This is the moment.
Stop and pay attention.
He is here.

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