Friday, April 11, 2014

A dream

Some days it's a struggle.
Just that.
I've felt overwhelmed lately.
None of my concerns are matters of life and death,
but they are life and death matters for God,
if you know the difference.
I mean, everything matters to Him. Each eye-lash, each finger-nail, each emotion are all of significance. Every moment we spend on this planet He cares about.
But He cares about more than this.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream. I almost always remember bits and pieces of my dreams, but this one was so vivid that when I told it to a friend, the response I got was, "Was it a dream or a vision?" And I don't really know the answer. Perhaps it doesn't matter.
 Still, because awakened from it--as if from a dream--let's call it that, shall we?

In my dream, a man was very ill--gravely ill with cancer. With his family, he went into his house, shut the door, closed up the shutters and hunkered down.  His house was a beautiful chateau--really quite a gorgeous  old stone home with a wide terrace surrounded by old brick wall overlooking a valley. But this lovely chateau was on the grounds of a more magnificent estate. In fact, up the hill stood a house so grand it made this dying man's home look shabby, gray and used up. The gardens and view from the larger house were so much more spectacular, with more light, open windows and fine features. I wandered the terrace of the man's house, staring at the mansion on the hill until night-time fell. Then suddenly all below me was light, coming from the grandest palace I'd ever seen. A palace meant for a king. It was like Versailles, only a more glorious, heavenly Versailles.

I pounded on the door of the house, trying to get the man and his family to come and look but they would not. They didn't want to leave their house, you see. All the world was in that house. Everything they thought was important was inside.

But I got it.
Yes, I awoke and I got it.
You do too, don't you?
"In my Father's house are many mansions," Jesus told us.
They are grand and more fine than anything we can imagine on this earth. But often we close our eyes to what lies ahead. We cling to this world, this life, this everything because it's what we know, it's where we're safe, it's what we love. These rooms, this beautiful home. But compared to the mansion He's prepared for us, and compared to HIS great House, this is a shabby imitation. Nothing to sneeze at, maybe, but also so small that once we get there, we'll wonder why we didn't hold more lightly.

Maybe just a dream, but one that gives me such joy, I can hardly stand it. In fact, I must kneel for the awe of it. What lies in front of each of us who call Him by name is good. Of course I don't know for sure what that will be, but I know that where He is, will be glory.

May this bring you comfort in your worries,
hope in your pain,
and just plain joyous expectation
in whatever place you call home today.

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