Monday, May 12, 2014

30 years

This blog is on a brief hiatus;
it's out celebrating
30 years of marital bliss,
mostly bliss, I should say,
real life, anyway,
with this man--
the one and only Beve.

We've lived some doozies, too,
Ups and downs and
and deaths
Yep, we've seen them all
And we're still standing.
Strong as ever.

I asked Beve last night if he'd to sign up 
for another 30,
and he answered,
"I'll take another hundred."
As near as I can figure
(though I'm not very good at math)
we'll be celebrating most of those
in His throne room,
but for those we've shared on this earth,
for those still to come,
I'm grateful.

I can't imagine life with anyone else, 
the man I chose,
er, the man God chose for me.

PS--this picture was taken in our hometown,
where we first met at 9/10
where we really became friends at 14 (or so)
where we married at 26/27
We haven't lived there once in our married life,
but we continue to go home again
and again.

Happy 30th, Beve.
From A Word About Words
and me


sk said...

Well that made me cry - sitting at work, boss at his desk behind me. Daddy can be romantic!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

That is really sweet. Congratulations on thirty years together! Hope you can make that extra 100 too, here or there.
God is good!