Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer things

These things:

  1. Mornings on the back deck in the sun
  2. Beve making tea before I get out of bed
  3. Friends and family coming for visits
  4. Going to visit family and friends
  5. Family reunions
  6. Barbeques
  7. Sunlight until 10 PM
  8. Shorts, flip-flops, sleeveless shirts
  9. Cool showers after warm days
  10. Dogs drinking from the hose as I try to water my flowers)
  11. Long conversations with old friends
  12. Iced tea with a little bit of mint
  13. Road trips
  14. Vacations with old friends
  15. Seeing our baby
  16. Vacation-BEVE!!!
I love summer. And, as of today (in our world), it finally began.


M said...

You forgot mojitos :'(

sk said...


jeskmom said...

We need to figure out WHEN!!!