Sunday, July 6, 2014

Family 4th

Glimpses of a family party:
Sitting around,
volleyball (both competitive and 
open to all comers!)
walking to the bluff
and the beach, 
to pose for
a family portrait
See how well we work together?
Yep, we're a compliant bunch.
Always talking over each other,
trying to tell each other what to do.
But somehow
it works.
Those of you 
who are reading this
who know this place, 
who bear our name,
we missed you.
Next year.
Same time,
Same place.
Those of you who don't,
I pray your holiday was as festive,
as full of life,
yes, just as REAL
as ours was.
It was real. 
There were real life moments.
Highs and lows and in between. 
But I wouldn't change them.
It was a family 4th of July.

1 comment:

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Sigh! That was beautiful! I love love love the family portrait. We did the same thing in Feb. when our Matthew was with us...and it was just as crazy and fun. Cherish those moments and grab all you can because they slip away all to quickly into a vapor. Thank you for sharing.