Friday, August 1, 2014

Another trip around the sun

Yesterday was my birthday (and yes, for those of you paying attention, it IS the day after Beve's) and in the course of the day I received many kinds of greetings--emails, Facebook (wow, what a host of people come out of the woodwork to wish a person well on her birthday!), cards, gifts and phone-calls. My youngest brother came off his island to celebrate with us, so I ended the evening surrounded by men. Beve, our son, my brother and Beve's brother. It was quite the party. Beve grilled and we ate the blackberry pie I made for the occasion. You know you're getting old when you make your own birthday dessert.
This is the 'official' picture, taken by my dad, taken on my 1st birthday.
I'm sitting on a little stool with a rug covering it. 
Anyway, my BB, who is a science teacher, put it this way,
"Another trip around the sun..."
I like that. Though I've traveled a lot in July, for most of the year, I was holed up in my house. Still every day, every hour, I was traveling. We all were.
We all are.
That's what time is about.

Traveling full-speed, full-rotation, every single year. No wonder people talk about life as a journey. There's no such thing as standing still. As long as the earth is moving, we're moving. And as long as we're moving, we're changing. Growing one direction or another.

The only question is how are we going to grow?

I look at this picture of that little me, at her large eyes and innocent, half smile and am awed to think of the life ahead of her. I wonder at all the turns in the road. She didn't have the ability to know any of it then. Not then, not at five, or ten, or even twenty.

The truth is, we don't have the ability to know what lies ahead of us. It's too much. We finite humans are as small and unable to communicate or comprehend His ways as this child sitting on a rug-covered stool. That's just the truth of it. We utter our half-words, partially-understood pleas, and must rely on Him to make sense of them all.

And He does.
He's our Father. He understands our language better than we do. He understands the difference in our cries, and knows the thoughts in our unformed brains. He even knows what we are too thick to think about ourselves. We don't even know what we need from Him--and He does.

That's what this baby picture reminds me.
That's what every year around the sun teaches me more clearly.
He knows better--far better--what is best for me.
He loves better--far better--those I love than I can. He loves me that way too.
More than I will ever love them. More than I will ever love Him.

My birthday gift to myself  is being reminded that I was made by Him 57 years ago, that He never leaves me, that nothing can separate me from His love...
that in these many journeys around the sun, the journey that counts is the journey I take with His Son.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

I just posted my birthday wishes to you on the other post you did for RJD, but here again, May this new year of life living around the sun, or the SON, be filled with joy, and good health, and many blessings. Love the picture of little you, so full of promise and delight! You are still that same child, only in a larger form. I feel the same way.
Blessings to you a couple days late.