Friday, August 1, 2014


It's the first of August and that means Random Journal Link-up day. Check out the very interesting interview with Stacy over at Enthusastically Dawn, then  though there are some (and you know who you are, Beve!!) who are looking at the calendar, mentally ticking off boxes until you have to go back to work, it's still the day after summer's center for me. When I was a child there were two times of gifts--Christmas and my birthday and those two dates were the center of winter and summer for me. Sure, I know that isn't actually true, and they aren't actually six months apart, but having a July 31 birthday certainly feels about as far away (as hot-away) from Christmas as one can get in the Northern hemisphere. So when I say it's the day after the center of summer, you just have to trust that I've had 57 years of experiencing life just this way.

All this has absolutely nothing to do with RJL, but I'm feeling slightly 'squirrelly', as Beve would say.

I found a dandy of an entry just now. It's from the fall of 2006 when I was preparing to speak at a Women's retreat. I'd chosen as my topic, "Learning from the women of the gospels." It was so much fun preparing for that retreat that I thought long and hard about simply continuing the study indefinitely. There are just SO many women who played prime roles in Jesus' earthly ministry (though somehow we need to do something about the fact that at least 4 of them were named Mary--it can get really confusing).
This journal entry comes after I'd been working on  my 'worship' message.

"I am 'God-smitten.' It's a great phrase. It pin-balled around in my head all night, I think. Mary annointing Jesus was smitten. She'd been sitting at his feet and then, when He did this amazing, wonderful thing of giving back her brother, she became even more smitten. Full of awe, wonder, just plain gladness--"That YOU are!!!" is what she felt, I think. And that's worship. That HE IS! This is life-transforming. A life worthy of the gospel is one of worship. What He has done, what causes us to be glad to our bones, God-smitten (as He whispered it in my sleep), aware, attentive in every endeavor is just this: He gave us back OUR lives. At the price of His own. Yes, that HE is, that He is Jesus, and that He--the Holy Spirit--lives within to whisper to us. 

Yep, just that. 

What I know is that He's my BEST thought. I realized when I awakened just now that, Holy Spirit impressed, my first thought was from Him. When my first thought is of Him, it's always life. Indeed, always worship. I may lose sight of Him minutes into my self-filled daily life at times, but when my first thought is of Him, it's my Best thought and my feet hold to the path. Because of that first thought, that God-smitten thought. It's like being one of those stone figures in the castle courtyard. Aslan bounds over the wall and merely blows on their feet. He doesn't need to blow all the way through. It's just enough to set the feet right. For me, for each day, it's that first thought--that best thought--that reminds me that I'm His. 

And if I'm God'smitten, it's because He's smitten with me." 


Stacy said...

God-smitten. What a wonderful word and idea. To be smitten with my Savior just because he is. To love Him is to know joy.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Yes, I do love this. God-smitten...smitten with Him...and He with me! What a lovely thought...
And, I didn't know it was your birthday on the 31st, so happy belated birthday to you. I know that God is still smitten with you, 57 years later! You are His precious child and He never grows tired of loving you and hearing your voice and seeing your smiling face. May this new year just begun in your life be one of health, strength, and more days of being smitten with God! Blessings.

Dawn Paoletta said...

Carolyn! Belated Birthday wishes! As always , I love your words...and I wish I could have been there for your presentation . I also get confused sometimes about the Marys! But you are right there is much to ponder about the women of the NT and old for that matter! But, yes. That Smitten-ness with God. I know it. I don't always LIVE in it. But I know it. It is the only way to be Smitten after all! Hugs, and Happy RJD! Grateful for you!

quietspirit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. (Yes, I know I am yelling. "God-smitten" That's a neat word. It's the only way to be. Just stopping by. I have two days to get ready for our son's visit.