Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just a few bullet points

The summer is slipping away and I've written so little here.
Even when there have been thoughts to write, space doesn't seem to open up in the day to put hands to keyboard. At least not for the length of time it takes to create a post worth reading.

Maybe a bullet-point post will suffice for now:

  • I'm home from my travels, but we have company for the whole of August. It's good and overwhelming and creates less quiet than I'm used to in my home, which tells me how spoiled I've become with my surfeit of time and space to walk in my day well. I'm reminded that I must learn flexibility with my time, with my habits, with my home. It's always good to have people with us, it's just not always good IN me, with tells me how solitary I've become.
  • Our son J had Achilles tendon surgery a couple of weeks ago. Though I try not to say too much about particulars of my kids without their express permission, this surgery is a hard one, takes six months to recover, then he has to have the other one also 'fixed.' Poor man. He's doing very well, but being completely immobile, having to navigate with crutches, needing help even to carry a glass of water is hard on a 27 year old man. His situation is a living example of what it means to be dependent. We aren't autonomous, no matter what the world thinks. God knows this. We need Him and we need each other. And J has handled his own neediness with grace and good humor, which is exactly how we should. Not whining, not complaining, just saying, "I need you," and "Thank you." It's been a treat to serve him because of his attitude.
  • I've almost finished the book, The Boys in the Boat. I don't have much to say about it other than it's WONDERFUL and I can't put it down. Even as I'm writing this post, I really want to be reading the book. It's about the University of Washington crew team that went to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany (and won gold). My youngest brother, BB, rowed crew at Washington, so I've watched crew races a time or two, and already had an affinity for that program (even if I am a Cougar at heart), but even if you don't like the Huskies, it's a great story!
  • Beve's been battling a cold. I know this probably seems like no big deal compared to people and their suffering. But he's never sick, never stops for matter what. So to see him in bed for two to three days in a row is not nothing. And it reminds me to pray, not only for him, but for others who are actually in bed for reasons far more serious. I grow complacent at times about my praying for others. Do you? (By the way, as I write this, my eyes are beginning to water and my throat feels scratchy...hmmm. Either I'm catching his cold, or I've just forgotten to take my allergy medication!
  • A few great quotes have been roaming around in my head in the last few days from A Prayer Journal by Flannery O'Connor that I've been reading one prayer at a time (note--the punctuation in the book is exactly as she wrote it, so bear that in mind in these quotes): 
 "I do not know You God because I am in the way. Please help me to push myself aside." 3
"You say, dear God, to ask for grace and it will be given. I ask for it. I realize that there is more to it than that--that I have to behave like I want it...Please help me to know the will of my Father--not a scrupulous nervousness nor yet a lax presumption but a clear, reasonable knowledge; and after this give me a strong Will to be able to bend it to the Will of the Father." 5
"My dear God, how stupid we people are until You give us something." 7
"Give me the grace, dear God, to adore You for even this I cannot do for myself. Give me the grace to adore You with the excitement of old priests when the sacrificed a lamb to You. Give me the grace to adore you with the awe that fills Your priests when they sacrifice the Lame on our altars. Give me the grace to be impatient for the time when I shall see You face to face and need no stimulus than that to adore You. Give me the grace, dear God, to see the bareness and the misery of the places where You are not adored but desecrated." 8-9

  • That's all for tonight. I'm hoping that soon I'll be back to regular posting. In the meantime, hope your dog-days are going well for you. Here's a picture of our dog-day pups, watching out our front window--their usual morning position!


M said...

Would you mind asking my dad to bring me a copy of that book? They don't sell it in Finland :/ I'd appreciate it :)
I hope Uncle Beve and J get better soon :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

You are busy with real life...and that's a wonderful thing. Savor each and every day, regardless of the noise, busyness, and other trials that come your way. I am discovering that there is a purpose in all of the above, even when we wish things were different. Go with the flow and relax in the knowledge that God is with you, withersoever you may go. Routine will come back soon enough.