Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dancing like David

I want to be like David.
Not the David who stole another man's wife.
Not the David who hid in a cave with an army of men
or even the David who'd been chosen to lead a nation.

I want to be the David who danced.
The day he brought the ark back to Jerusalem, he was so moved by love that he stripped before God and everyone and danced. Every wart, every knock knee and battle scar, his hairy chest and corns on his toes were in full view because he was so in love with His Lord and he just had to dance. He had to show in an extravagance of emotion.

I think I cover up more than I show. And that's saying a lot because I'm a pretty out-there, open-book person. But catch me dancing in my underwear in front of even a single church? I'd be carted away to the nearest inpatient facility.

This says something about me and about our culture, I suppose, so perhaps I need to settle for looking at dancing with abandon as a metaphor. For letting all my flaws and quirks and warts and corns and split ends and broken finger nails show. Perhaps I need to let my deeper flaws show as well, but dance before the Lord and His people with such Love that no matter what is in me, it's beside the point.

Because that really is the point. Isn't it?
Most of the time, we are too conscious of how WE look or feel or dress or just plain ARE when we come before the Lord. But to be like David, to dance like David did the day he brought the ark back to Jerusalem means to abandonment. Abandoning all inhibition simply and completely because the love of God compels it. David was compelled by love. Compelled because he was loved by God as well.

Yes, to dance like David.
To lose myself in love of God.
This is my desire.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

Yes, I understand this. Although I do my dancing before the Lord mostly in the private times of worship and praise, where I do not have any fear that someone might misunderstand. It's just between me and the Lord...and He totally understands and accepts my humble offering of praise. That is when I can sing and dance with abandon and know that I will not be rejected. I love those moments. I need to have them more often. Thank you for this reminder. It's a timely message for me.