Monday, September 22, 2014

Steering the ship

It's quiet in the house today. And the very air is reeking of autumn. Do you know what I mean when I say that? Do you know how there's suddenly a change in the crispness of breeze, the angle of the sun? Over the weekend it was still warm and I wore shorts and flip-flops and sat outside with my ice-water, watching Beve, with Kincade trailing him, as he moved from one task to another. But last night Beve threw an extra quilt on his side of the bed, told me he thought summer was over. Sure enough, this morning we woke to autumn rain and the gray we'll grow accustomed to for the next many months.

I also awakened with from a very clear dream. I've mentioned before that I often wake up with the name of a person or people for whom I'm meant to spend the day praying. It's an odd phenomenon, but one I've come to love. I never know who God will give me or how that person will show up but I take who comes and run with it, so to speak. Run straight back to the Father in prayer. Today, it was a young man who we've known since he was about a 5th grader. He's our son's age, was a good friend of J's in high school, because Beve's been working with his dad for 17 years, teaching and coaching.

Some of you might have seen a U-Tube that went viral that this young man made for Father's Day. It's called "The First Date," about a Daddy/daughter date with his charming three-year-old daughter. It's completely adorable. It's amazing to see what God had done via that little video.

Anyway, in my dream I was asked if I had anything to say to this young man.
What I said was, "Be careful that you don't do too much for God."
That sounds pretty weird, doesn't it? As you can imagine, the faces in the room reflected that same thought.
But then my dream self said, "I mean, don't push the ship God is steering."

Even as I write that now, I'm stunned by those words.
They hit me in the gut. Really. I have this picture of how often I try doing this and how cartoon-ish the effort is. Pushing a ship? Pushing a ship GOD is steering? Can you imagine anything more ridiculous?

Yet, there I am. Right in the water. Having a strong sense that something is the right way, the right ship (to continue the analogy), but still trying to do it myself. Trying to help God do what is HIS to do.

As I write this, I'm thinking about all the tasks that are mine to do--the tasks HE gives me. But pushing the ship is NEVER one of them. To be more clear, I'm not in charge of making my life go a certain direction, only of allowing the one who loves me to set the course.

The one who loves me most directs my steps.

Amazing what the Holy Spirit can remind us as we sleep.

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