Friday, October 31, 2014

Incarnate Me.

My thumb is finally recovered--Hallelujah!--so all the things that have been brewing in my brain are bubbling over to be written. See what I did there? Actually, 'brewing' and 'bubbling' are words that make me think more of MacBeth than Halloween, but I suppose I can give a nod to both today, but a glancing nod is both either is going to get. I just haven't the time.

Instead, I'm thinking about Jesus.
A far better topic any day of the week, don't you think?
Today, specifically, I'm thinking about the fact that Jesus is a man.
Okay, of course you know He is a man. It's part of the story, after all. But what hit me this morning (just when I was going about my business with another post lined up in the shoot of my brain, ready to be written) is that he's every bit as much of a man as my Beve or my J, or my dad, or every other guy I've ever known or liked. OR every other one I HAVEN'T LIKED either. Yep, that's the whole truth of it. He's a man. He was born with every single part a man has--and you know what I'm talking about--and every single one of them worked. He had to be breast-fed and potty-trained (whatever that meant back then) and taught all kinds of things little boys have to be taught that little girls don't (like where to aim when you pee, and where NOT to, and the luxury, the God-given luxury of being able to pee just about any place on earth without having to find a bush or tree to hide and squat behind).

He is human, too. While he was on earth, His body worked liked every human's does (I haven't the faintest idea how heavenly bodies work). That is to say, he was born with every organ every human has: a heart, two kidneys, a liver, intestines, a colon, a gall bladder--like my daughters, as my MOM, as every other woman I've every known, as every one you've known either. Every single one of them. He learned to walk, run, trip and fall. He didn't miss any of those steps being human means. He ate with his hands when he was a toddler, got mud on his face, he learned to read, and learned to help around the house. He was a real human child.

Look around the room where you're sitting. If there are others in it, look at them--Jesus of Nazareth is every bit as much a human as they are. And, if you're by yourself, take a good look in the mirror. You and Jesus--just the same. EXACTLY in every way that makes you human, and I'm NOT just talking physiologically. I'm talking about the ability to communicate, to love, to reason, to learn.

Come to think of it, those are also the things that make us "Made in His IMAGE."

So here's the fascinating, amazing, transforming truth:
Jesus wants us to be LIKE HIM! That is, He tells us to become like Him, "Be Holy as I am Holy."
That is, be fully human (like Him) and fully divine (also like Him).
This is what it means when we say, "Incarnate me, Lord!" Make me like you!
AND, this is exactly what the Holy Spirit is doing within us (and yes, I purposely used that ongoing verb tense--because it's a constant, ongoing process!). His whole job is to make us like Jesus but not to make us UNLIKE ourselves. He already created us as He intended us to be--each of us exactly as He intended--now He's simply filling up the rest. And that's all out of love. He makes the broken places whole. Holy. That's His job. His Incarnating job.

Already like Him,
and to become LIKE HIM.
That's the goal.
Amen, I say. Incarnate me!

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