Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quilt projects, Autumn 2014

It's time for a change.
And by that I mean it's time to post pictures of the few quilts I've made this fall.
There have been fewer than usual, with the upheaval, remodel, Grampie stuff, not to mention that whole month when I couldn't use my right hand because of what I'm calling the unfortunate incident. You know the one I'm talking about if you're a regular reader of this blog. If not, check out this post from October. I still get a little queasy thinking about the painful month caused by that split second poor decision. It's a really good picture of sin and consequences, though. God doesn't hold things against us, but BOY do we suffer sometimes.

Anyway, there have been quilts. I just finished and mailed off the most complicated quilt I've ever made. Complicated and...well, let's just say it's not necessarily for everyone. My brother, BB, got dizzy looking at it, but the recipient (who has seen pictures along the way) is thrilled with the result. Her request was, "Granny fabric and I don't want it to match." So I gathered all kinds of vintage fabric--some from my stash, some that belonged to Beve's mom, some from my aunt, some from vintage shops. There are some flour sacks on this quilt and old Danish cloth. I mixed that with some current fabric every which way. Decided on a Chevron pattern to give it a modern twist because she's a very modern young woman. I cut it out months ago, couldn't figure out how to make all this completely dissimilar stuff work. Had my sister, and even my son, help me lay it out. Finally put it together last week. Finished it two days ago.

I become attached to all of my quilts by the time I've finished quilting them, so it won't surprise you to learn that I love this quilt now. We've spent a whole lot of time together and she's (yes, she's a female quilt) become alive and exactly what she was meant to be. A friend told me when she dropped by the other day that she's sure she's seen quilts like this in some Preppie store. What do I know about that? All I know is that it actually will please the recipient. There's a single mistake in it but I didn't find it until I was quilting it and decided to keep it. When I showed it to my family of men (Beve, J and BB) I had to point it out to them. They couldn't find it themselves. There's something a bit pleasing actually about a flaw in a homemade quilt. It reminds me that I'm human and so is the person who will rest under it. It isn't my goal, of course, and doesn't happen often, but I can live with it!

 These are the two quilts my sister and I made in one week out on San Juan Island at BB's house. The blue one, for our cousin, is the largest King-sized quilt I've ever made (and I've made a few!) and I managed to free-motion quilt it while RE was piecing the red quilt for our aunt. Then I free-motioned the red one. I barely came up from the air of free-motion quilting that week, but it was great to do it with RE, and to know they were going to bless our cousin and aunt. Our New Mexico aunt was shocked when she received her quilt in the mail. "Why would you want to do this for ME?" like she had to deserve it or something. I was reminded again about grace, about what it means to give freely, unexpectedly, beyond all that we could ask or imagine. She's always dreamed of a quilt but never had means to buy one herself. Now she has one that was made by people who love her and prayed for her as they made it. How sweet that is.

These are all baby quilts for the babies coming (or, in the case of the bottom quilt, already arrived) of people I love. The top one is for the son of my nephew and his wife, whose little one is due in just a couple of weeks, if he's on time. The middle one is for someone else who hasn't seen this quilt yet so I won't name them, but I suppose the cat will be out of the bag when they open it! And the third one is for the daughter of a close friend. She's already three months old and I've been delinquent in making this. Her mama will LOVE this quilt so much she might not allow little EL to get her chubby baby hands on it. I made it, thinking of the bold colors the Mama has always loved.

And this is a wedding gift I finally got sent off just before Thanksgiving. The bride and groom used these colors in their wedding and in the absence of knowing their bedroom colors, I went with these for their quilt. I love the combination, and hope they'll find a use for it even if it only covers them on cold winter nights as they watch movies in their living room (though it is a bed-sized quilt).

And that's about it for now. I have plenty of projects at the ready, one large one already cut and ready to go. But I'm going down to SK's on Thursday night for a long weekend. We planned this months ago when we thought Grampie would already have been settled in for a couple months by now. Leaving Beve so early in the game troubles me, but he promises he'll be fine--out of school for winter break and ready to hang with his dad. AND, by the time I get back, we'll have a new floor and counter-tops in the kitchen! The only thing left to do by then will be the kitchen tile backsplash, which might have to wait until January. This long process will just about be over. And our young women will come hard on my heels home for Christmas, and we'll celebrate well.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

These are quite amazing! I don't know HOW you do this, with everything else you've been doing this past year. I do not know how to quilt, so for me this is so wonderful to see. How blessed are the people who will receive these marvelous gifts. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the beauty!
Now enjoy your weekend away. You've earned it already.