Monday, December 8, 2014

River's Edge

I come from a family who went to the mountains. My father LOVED climbing when he was young, hiking ALL his life and I think we all went on our first camping trip in utero. We just packed up the car and went out to the woods, no matter what age, hunkered down in a canvas tent and slept to sound of the campfire and the lights of the stars. My mother wasn't a big fan of camping, if truth be told. She was a good enough sport when we were young, I think, but as we got older (and SHE got older) it seemed like a lot of work, and a lot of pain to sleep on the ground when a nice bed was a available in a motel somewhere.

In that, I'm a whole lot more like my mother than my father. Even though camping pads are much better than they were back when I was still back-packing with my dad, I'm also in much worse shape. And by much worse, I mean I'm in worse shape than my mother EVER was.

But here's the thing, I've really missed being out in the mountains. I've missed it a long time. My sister and brothers still go back-packing but that is beyond me now. Beyond my ability and beyond my desire. But the desire to BE in the mountains--that has always remained. There's something so  beautiful and invigorating up in the mountains. The sound of a high mountain stream rushing past, crystal clear and brightly clean, the ring of evergreens in every color as fragrant as Christmas every day, the air sweet enough to taste. Yes, I've missed that.

So, because of this great hunger, for the last year, my sister LD and I (and the Beve, of course) have been looking for a cabin in the mountains to buy together. We've searched from afar, looked at a couple up close, and finally, in August, found one we fell in love with.We sent the pictures to LD. She thought it perfect, too. It seemed out of our price range, of course. But we kept talking about it, thinking about it, praying about it and finally LD came up to see it in October and we made a low-ball offer on it.

Last week we picked up the keys to our 'new' cabin at the river's edge.

We're crazy-busy with Grampie, won't be able to move in up there until who-knows when. But it's ours now, for better or worse. Next summer we'll put on a new roof, a front porch, new shed and we'll be open for business. Until then, we'll be piece-mealing it a few week-ends now and then. But as Beve put it, we feel refreshed even when we've been up there for just a few hours.

For those of you who know Washington State, it's up Highway 20, the beautiful North Cascade Highway, and sits on the edge of the Cascade River.

But here, see for yourself:

This is the river side (I don't know why I uploaded the black and white copy). It's a lovely little cabin with a bedroom downstairs, and a loft upstairs.  Beve and I will use the bedroom and LD will have the loft, though, of course, we'll always be flexible, too.

 This is the Cascade River from our deck. I also have a video of it, but because I'm technologically challenged, it's upside-down, so I'll have to share it another time. For now, just imagine that you can hear all that gorgeous mountain water running. We haven't been up there for several weeks and it's been cold, so  perhaps there's even snow on the ground now. Wouldn't that be sweet?

This is the kitchen with the lights on. The lights are propane, hooked up to the propane tank. The cabin has water, but no electricity, though it is wired for a generator (which we might invest in later), and we'll have a landline telephone--old-school-like!
The homeowners (above and below). I don't know why neither Beve nor I don't look very happy. 
LD has the overjoyed look you'd expect. And believe me, she IS overjoyed. This is the only home she's ever wanted. She can hardly wait to retire (though it's years away) so she can spend a LOT of time here.

I do thank God for Beve who was willing to let me use the money from my parents for this purpose. I know that Dad especially would love this place, would have loved using it as a jumping off place for hikes, as LD will, or just to build campfires in the big fire pits or sit on the deck and watch the river and have wonderful conversations. To be in the mountains. And breathe.

Life at the river's edge, that's what I'm dreaming about tonight.

Come join us. Bring a sleeping bag or we'll find one for you. Just come.
Will you?

Yes, family, I'm talking to you! And yes, these two have already had a peek and seem pleased enough--though BB always has that look on his face!.


M said...

Congratulations on the new cabin! Oh how I miss mountains!!

jeskmom said...

Just another reason to come visit!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

SO HAPPY for YOU!!!! You are living my I can't believe it. I don't know that I'll ever make it that far to come to your cabin, but who knows? Just enjoy it for me. And do lots of writing from there. and pictures. and laughing, and living...and just plain loving! Congratulations!!!!!