Sunday, December 7, 2014

Work in Progress

Somehow I had it in my brain that I'd have a little more time to write when the bathroom was finished and there were fewer people in our home each day...but so far we're still a work in progress around here.

That's the truth of life anyway, isn't it? Being a work in progress, I mean. I also thought that once Grampie moved in, everything would settle into place within me as well. I'd feel certain that this daily dance of caring for him would make more sense in my unruly heart. However, there's still doubt and anxiety resides next door to having him here. Next door to the JOY of having him here, that is. There is great joy. And great laughter. We laugh a lot. There are funny moments. Beve and I are such novices at this care-taking-stuff. And sometimes there's nothing to do but laugh. Even Grampie knows that. He just has to shake his head at us when we can't negotiate our narrow hallway with him in his lift, or we've forgotten the washclothes we need or whatever else. Yep, we're a whole big bundle of work-in-progress.

What ISN'T a work in progress is the bathroom where we finally gave Grampie his first shower. It was a long week of kerfuffles: that shower was supposed to have happened last Monday but a few tiles were broken by the contracter when he tried to drill holes to hang towel rods. The shower head hadn't been ordered, other plumbing parts had been MIS-ordered so the plumbing was delayed until Friday. SIGH. Bedbaths it was for Grampie until last night when we finally got to test out the beautiful bathroom we put so much time, money and energy into!

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished project:

As you can tell, those pesky towel racks haven't been put up yet, and we haven't hung this picture Beve wants to hang above the shelf, but it's a usable space and pretty too. Grampie didn't notice that, but he was thrilled to have a shower. I never imagined having to help shower my father-in-law, but I'm glad to help him finish his days well.

Our kitchen isn't finished yet. Yep, still a work in progress there, but that's a metaphor that works for me. We'll continue to be a work in progress around here as we learn to be better ministers to this dad/Grampie of ours. And as we learn on the outside, God will work in us on the inside.

We'll always be works in progress.
That's just about the story of life.
 And I'm okay with that.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

What a beautiful bathroom. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the planning of this space. One thing I have learned since having my mother in law with us on a regular basis is that they don't like showers that get in their the lower adjustable shower head is wonderful. I know you will have many days of still figuring things out, and by the time you have it figured out, the need will change and you will have to come up with another plan. So be flexible and keep laughing. It really helps.