Saturday, January 17, 2015

Under the weather

So I've had the flu for a week.
No, I didn't get a flu shot.
I don't come in contact with enough people.
Well, usually I don't, that is.
This year, we've had a whole village walking through our front door, with a host of germs, too, apparently.

I'm not going to be graphic, but let me just say I was never that sick when I was pregnant.
I'm not kidding. Pregnancy was a breeze.
Compared to this.

It's been a long week.

Grampie keeps looking at me like, "Why don't you get up off the couch and do something already."
He hasn't the faintest idea what I've been feeling. He doesn't notice anything outside himself. He does notice that every time he opens his eyes I'm just lying there with my head on a pillow, trying not to puke.

Whoops, and I said I wasn't going to be graphic.
He DID get a flu shot.
All three of the men I live with did.
So this is just me.

I'm hoping that I'm at the tail end of this virus.
But who knows.

I'll be back when the weather changes,
my personal weather, that is.


Melanie said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this! I didn't get a flu shot this year either and so far, okay. My mother is much like grampie. Her world has become so small - and it's mostly about her. Praying you feel better and this passes quickly.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Saying a prayer for you now. I know you must be praying the misery will soon be over and you will be back to your cheery self. Praying also the rest of your crew do not get sick. flu shot or not is no guarantee.Flu is flu...and never any fun. Sending smiles and hugs and thoughts of chicken soup your way (when you feel up to eating that is).

Susie - Recovering Church Lady said...

So sorry you are suffering with that yucky flu. Hopefully it is over by now. I don't really see many people either and i got an awful throat thing a few weeks ago. Take care dear lady.