Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Room of My Own

I feel a bit chagrined to use this title, considering Virginia Woolf used it first, for a far more exalted purpose. Be that what it may, we're in the midst of huge changes around here. Not surprisingly, after this last season, we've been trying to figure out what to do with ourselves and our home. It seems like just yesterday that all of our kids were taking up space in these small rooms, so much so, that I never considered pulling out my sewing machine, except for the occasional mending project. Come to think of it, in the move to this house, somehow my machine and foot pedal got separated from each other and I had to borrow a machine (from Thyrza, no less) to even accomplish the easiest of those tasks.

How odd to think of that. Consider that back in when my girls were small, I had that sewing machine running day and night. Yes, I was the kind of mom who sewed for her children, and matched their dresses when I thought I could get away with it (Christmas and Easter and family gatherings and...well, you get the picture). Then suddenly I stopped sewing altogether.

And then one day, Beve found a used Pfaff on craigslist, which spurred me to learn to quilt. I didn't take a class, didn't look at a pattern, didn't even measure fabric, just dove off the deep end and set to it. And I was off. It turned out well enough that I never stopped. Since then, I've quilted in just about every room in this house. First I set up my machine right in front of the computer in the corner of the TV room. I don't know how I managed. There was barely space.

As my fascination with quilting grew, so did my accoutrements, like rulers, cutting mats, rotary cutters, patterns and books. And shall we talk about fabric? Or fabric addiction, perhaps? No, maybe not. All these things began to spill out of the corner where I was trying to quilt. Most recently, I've been quilting back in our TV room, while my stash of fabric (the fabric not designated for a specific project) was in a closet in a bedroom. It wasn't convenient for any of us. When it was time to quilt each project, I had to set up my large quilting table, which then blocked the outside door we all use to get to our cars. Let's just say it hasn't been the most convenient of set-ups.

However, we've all made the best of it for the last few years. It's made me learn to quilt quickly, which is a good thing, though hard on my body. The give and take of life. You know how it goes.

Years ago, we bought a Murphy bed for the room in which Beve has his study. It's a great set-up for a rather small room. Afterwards, though, I told Beve that I thought the perfect place for another Murphy room was where my sewing table was in our TV room. It would be out of the way all day, dropped just at night, and we'd have a real bed for extra guests, rather than just having a sleeping bag on a couch as they've had to use. Sunday, Beve found one on craigslist. SUNDAY. He's been looking for years. But we couldn't have used it before. Not when we had kids at home. Not when we had Grampie here.

Only when the time was right did Beve find that Murphy bed, and for a mere 125$. I love that!

So I spent Tuesday moving all my sewing stuff to my new room of my own.
You want a tour?

There you have it. Sweet, isn't it? (By the way, the Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball prints on the wall belong to SK, not me...but I'm leaving them as an ode to her! And I'll hang the horse painting as an ode to Grampie)

I really culled my stash a few weeks ago. You can't believe the amount I sent on to Good Will.  Being organized is surprisingly soothing. (And yes, there are two more machines in my closet, if I need them. One never knows!) Those pink-labeled bins are full of cut-up squares, ready for use. I just add to them when I have small ends of fabric.

Ah, a room of my own, with both tables up. Who knew such a thing could bring such pleasure? And, just so you know, the table the machine is on can easily be removed, and an air-mattress added, so we still have a private extra guest room. We will always want to have that option, of course.

And now, as they say, I'm open for business. Ready for all the creativity that will spring out of this amazing space.

Hope your week is going well, too.

See you tomorrow for Random Journal Link-up day!


Melanie said...

Such a sweet, organized sewing room. You must be so pleased. I can foresee you spending many happy hours there!

Michelle said...

I love your color-coding system :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

That is really nice! Very happy for you to have a "room of your own". Expecting to see even MORE creativity popping out of that space! You already seem to have a huge stash of that now anything is possible!