Saturday, June 13, 2015

Walking By Faith

My youngest child has been home for almost a month now. It's like her gap months between the ending of one phase of her life and the beginning of the next. I've been eating up having her here, especially because we've had some great and meaty conversations about what comes next. We've talked a lot about how she's felt pulled to this work in Kenya that she begins in August.

There have been a couple of times before when SK's felt God's strong pull to something. She knew clearly where God wanted her to go to college, even though it was a private (read expensive) school and, on paper, seemed to be beyond our means. We watched in awe as He worked in finances; her faith was a lesson to Beve and me then. Two years after she graduated from that university, she felt His voice calling her to California. And every door opened in front of her for that move, too.

And this time, as He called and she answered, the timeline was short. The money needed large, the piles of tasks to be done seemingly overwhelming. But she's down in Seattle tonight because tomorrow she flies to Atlanta for a week-long training with AIM, and all the money needed is in hand. Read that again--ALL the money she needed to raise was raised. And again, I'm awed. The money is a huge testimony to God's call. He wasn't messing around. He called, she said, "Here I am!" and He was pleased to provide through a large community of faithful believers--of Him and of her. I feel so grateful for His call on her life and for the many people who are a part of her journey. It's a humbling thing to stand on the sidelines and watch the envelopes come pouring in, to see all these people be so invested in our child and HER ministry.

SK and I have talked a lot about His faithfulness toward her, about the gift that He's spoken to her so often and so clearly already. A friend told her the other day that many people live their entire lives without ever hearing Him speak so specifically. It seems to me that those who DON'T hear His voice saying, "This is the way, walk in it!" have a greater path of faith than SK or I have had. They live by belief without ever having heard Him. That's some powerful faith. Most people don't get clear paths but cloudy ones. So what SK has experienced these times is an exceedingly abundant grace. And she knows it.

That she's heard Him call her, that He's proven so loudly that He's in this, has been confirmation to us that she's doing what she's meant to do--at least for the next year. And that has made me unbelievably excited to walk with her on this journey (albeit from across the globe). I can hardly wait to see what the year will bring for SK in Kenya as she teaches choir, strings, lives and works and mentors kids high above the Rift Valley. People keep asking me if it's hard to think of her being so far away. The answer is, "Well, of course." And, "Not at all!" Both at once. I'll miss her like crazy. I've adored having her home (and am thrilled she'll be here for another six weeks after her training), but who am I to NOT want her to do what God wants her to do? If He calls her, WHEN HE calls her (or any of us), I can only rejoice.

And dream about the great Rift Valley and the place where she'll make her home.

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Pamela M. Steiner said...

What a blessing you the mother of a soon to be "missionary in a foreign field" have the best heart and attitude any child becoming a missionary could desire to have in a parent. A loving parent who loves God and understands the call upon her child's life...and is in full support of that call...what a joy for your daughter to know this as she goes. Even though there will be times of homesickness for her and longing to have her home from understand and grasp the "bigger picture" of what is really happening here...kingdom work..."bringing in the sheaves" getting ready for the harvest...and you understand the joy that she is experiencing in being a part of God's great plan...and therefore you share in that joy as you unselfishly let her go. Exciting days ahead for all of you. Keep us posted so we can pray here at home.