Thursday, September 24, 2015

Going up the river

I have approximately ten minutes to write this blog post.
Why I waited until I only had ten minutes left in this afternoon, I surely don't know.
It sounds like something Beve would do.
Whoops, don't tell him I said that.

We're on our way up to the Lodge for the weekend.
It's my annual "Sisters" weekend with those two women who shared parents with me. Bathtubs, and dresses dolls and crayons. And along the way we became friends. Now we have yearly 'sister' weekends. This year, Beve is taking me up to the Lodge where they'll join me tomorrow morning.
We invited our dear aunt to come this year as well.
Our aunt has recently reclaimed her life after being care-taker for her husband for many years. She made the difficult decision to place him in a group home in June because the care became too arduous. He has dementia, you see.
Yes, again dementia has struck in my family. My aunt and I have commiserated a great deal over the last several years. And her care for her husband has been spectacular. However, it was wearing her out. She wasn't sleeping because HE wasn't sleeping, and she had to watch his every move.

The last time I talked her her, even her voice sounded younger.
When I asked if she wanted to come up to our lodge with us, she was thrilled. She has her own cabin, of course, our beloved Whidbey Island cabin. But she loves rivers, and happy to have us include her.

So off we go.
Beve's chomping at the bit.

See you Monday. Until then, enjoy our lovely river view.

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