Monday, November 2, 2015

What it looks like to me

I've never been in a real throne room. I've never seen an actual king or queen seated on a throne with a host of people in a huge room all facing him, bowing before that majesty. But I imagine it. Shoot, I've seen plenty of movies, I've read plenty of books. My imagination is bigger than both. It reaches to the sky. To the heavens.

When I think of heaven, I think of a throne room. Don't ask me why. There are plenty of other images in scripture. Streets of gold, for instance. But that doesn't do a thing for me. In fact, it kind of turns my stomach. I don't care enough about riches to think it's all that glorious. Again, don't ask me why. A banquet? I can imagine that. I can imagine us all seated together, where there are no differences, but all are invited and the food is satisfying and the wine flows but doesn't make anyone drunk (except with love). Yes, that appeals. And we all look to the head and are sated by the presence of Who sits there, who sits with us. I love this idea.
And I love to imagine walking in a new Creation, a perfect earth, so to speak. In the mountains beautiful, unpolluted, beside rivers where I can dip my face straight into the flowing water and drink sweeter-than-life water that satisfies a thirst I didn't know I had. It tastes like joy, such rivers do. And I long for them.

But still, my first thought of heaven is a throne room.
"I would rather be a door-keeper in the house of our God than to live my whole life somewhere else." This is part of it. This verse touches on my craving, that simply to stand at the door is enough. Isn't it? And this verse reaches back into the past for me.

When I was a young believer, I went to my first concert. It was Second Chapter of Acts. Remember them? I was probably 18 years old. I don't even remember getting to that concert, held in Spokane, WA (an hour and a half north of my home town). At one point in the concert, Annie Herring talked about heaven. She said, "You know how people always say they want to ask God about this or that or something else? I think that when we get to heaven,we'll simply fall down on our knees and say, "Holy, Holy, Holy!""
I was struck still by her words. I don't remember anything else about the concert.

Clearly. I've never forgotten those words. "We'll simply fall on our knees and say, 'Holy, Holy Holy!'"It's played into what I believe about what heaven looks like. Us falling on our knees. Him, the King, before us. Yes, He's more than that. He'll lift us up because He's more than that. But I think it starts there. And I'm thankful for it..

I want to stand at the door and see that moment for people, the moment when they realize that HE is King, that they're seeing Him face-to-face for the first time rather than simply by faith. Only at the door. That's it. I'd rather be a doorkeeper in His house than to spend my life elsewhere.

What does heaven look like to you?

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